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Bridal Party Gift Guide: Best Man Gift Ideas

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight Gift Guide
BY Samuel Martin

He may be a friend, a brother, your father, or a fatherlike figure. Whatever his title before, his title right now isBest Man -- and choosing a gift for him can feel like a lot of pressure. What do you buy the man you’ve chosen to stand with you on your wedding day? No matter how many groomsmen you have, the Best Man has a special role as your right hand man. You don’t need to stress about what to give him, but youshould put some thought into it. Here, we’ll help answer some common questions and offer a few great ideas in this edition of our Bridal Party Gift Guide: Best Man Gift Ideas.

How much should you spend on a Best Man gift?

There aren’t hard and fast rules about how much to spend on a gift for your Best Man or for your groomsmen, but if you want a ballpark number, a good starting point is about 10-25% of what the guys are spending to be part of your wedding. In particular, consider what your Best Man invested in throwing your bachelor party, what he’s paying to rent or buy his suit or tux for the ceremony, and his travel expenses for the wedding.

When should you give the Best Man his gift?

The rehearsal dinner is typically an ideal time to thank and recognize the bridal party, making this the most common occasion for giving the Best Man his gift, along with the other groomsmen. The bachelor party is another common choice, as is the morning of the wedding while getting ready for the ceremony. 

What are some ideas for Best Man gifts?

No matter your budget or your style, thebest Best Man gift ideas are those that include a personal touch. Here are a few of our favorite examples:

For the Outdoorsman

If your Best Man loves the great outdoors, he may love to receive a

Good gifts for your best man

For the Beverage Aficionado

If your Best Man likes to raise a glass, he will likely appreciate a

For the Traveler

If your Best Man loves to travel, consider gifting him a:

Best Man Gift Ideas

For the Style Savvy

If your Best Man is into style, consider giving him a:

Best Man Gift Ideas

Remember, choosing a Best Man gift is less about exactly what you buy, and more about giving that thing a personal touch. Do that, and you won’t go wrong.

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