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5 Tips for How to Maximize Your Weekend

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

At the end of a long work week, everyone needs a chance to catch up or recharge. But, it can feel like a lot of pressure to make the most of a weekend. Most of us head back to work every Monday thinking, “Where did my weekend go?” Whether you want a productive weekend, a chance to relax, or a fun weekend adventure, check out these tips for how to maximize your weekends:

1. Make a plan.

During the week, identify what you need or want from the upcoming weekend -- and write it down! If things on your list require advance scheduling or reservations, take care of that before the weekend arrives.

2. Let some things go.

That list you made? Pare it down. Prioritize your list with what is actually do-able or necessary for THIS weekend. You can keep a running weekend wish list of things that have to get bumped and save those things for upcoming weekends.

3. Get outside.

Whatever is on your list, be sure your weekend includes the great outdoors. Depending on the weather, this may be more challenging at times than others. But, go for a walk or bike ride, eat your meals outside, take a project outdoors, or simply read a book or listen to music on the porch.

4. Indulge with caution.

Whether it’s food or drink, by the time Friday rolls around, it’s tempting to say we’ve earned whatever indulgence we crave. You can certainly enjoy an adult beverage or two to unwind. But be smart about it -- there’s no sense in wasting half a weekend nursing a hangover. The same goes for over-indulging in food that may leave you feeling sick or lethargic the next day.

5. Finish something.

Give yourself the satisfaction of checking something off a list that’s been hanging over your head. It could be as involved as finishing a DIY project, or it could be as simple as finally sending that thank you note to Aunt Dorothy. Even a small act can bring a surprising sense of relief.

The “best weekend ever” will look a bit different for everyone. But learn how to maximize your weekend, and look ahead to weekends of adventure, fun, and rejuvenation. In the meantime, be sure to check out our collection of rugged bags and apparel for men and women who appreciate that spirit of adventure!


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