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Best Selling Men’s Wallets

Wallets for men come in a variety of sizes. You have bi-fold, trifold, slim ID wallets, money clips, and more. Traditional billfolds, whether bi-fold or tri-fold, carry a timeless appeal—can you still picture Granddad pulling that soft, weathered billfold from his pocket at the gas station? Just remember, a billfold is more prone to overstuffing, simply because there is more space available compared to the slim ID wallet or money clip.

Slim IDs and money clips are great options for men who don’t want or need to carry a lot with them at once. One form of ID, a couple of payment cards, a business card, and a few bills. That’s it. It’s easy to access your necessities and they don’t take up a lot of space like a traditional billfold would. You can find all of these options in our collection of best selling wallets. For more information on different wallet types, read our blog on the Best 3 Types of Wallets for Everyday Use.

Best Selling Wallets for Women

First things first: ladies, you’re allowed to be picky about your wallet. With so many types of leather wallets available, it’s completely reasonable to expect yours to be functional while remaining exceptionally stylish. We love a traditional wallet, the one that isn’t necessarily customized for a specific purpose. Then there’s the checkbook seen in our Womem's Leather Goods collection—fun, yet extremely practical. It will keep you just as organized as a traditional wallet, with the added bonus of staying safely buttoned up.

Caring for Your Leather Wallet

When you use something every day, like a leather wallet, it needs to be cleaned and cared for so it can last you for years to come. There are four easy steps to care for your leather in a way that honors its story and yours, and we promise your wallet will become more beautiful, rugged, and interesting over time.