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The Vintage Leather Jacket: 2021’s Hottest Gift

BY BJTC Staff Insight

Many have said that leather jackets are making a comeback… but can something really make a comeback if it never went out of style? Leather jackets have been the epitome of rugged style for a century now, and if anything is making a “comeback,” it’s an appreciation for the vintage leather jacket. Whether a decades-old original or a handcrafted replica, here is why the vintage leather jacket is this year’s hottest gift.


Without a doubt, leather jackets are inherently stylish -- especially vintage leather jackets. From the beginning, there has been an easy air of confidence that comes with donning a classic leather jacket -- no matter what kind of man wears it, from pilots and bikers to rebels and rockers. Vintage leather jackets, and those crafted in their image, preserve that same easy style today.

Vintage leather Flight Jacket

Vintage inspired flight jacket


“They just don’t make them like they used to.” While true for many things these days, thankfully, well-made recreations of vintage leather jackets make a point to preserve the details that made the originals worth re-creating. Well-placed zippers, buttons, and pockets; a bit of a taper (to narrow the waist and broaden the shoulders), a just-right fit (not too baggy!), a strong collar (or complete lack thereof); a well worn patina and comfortable interior. These are the marks of a vintage leather jacket you won’t find on a super trendy or cheap imitation. When it comes to the vintage leather look, details matter.

Rugged Leather Jacket Details

Vintage inspired leather trucker jacket, antique brass buttons


It doesn’t really matter how much detail is added if it’s constructed of poor quality materials. Decades-old vintage leather jackets are still around because they were made to last. So, find yourself a vintage piece that still has life left in it, or purchase one that was made today, but holds to the tradition of fine leather craftsmanship. It will feel comfortable the first time you wear it, and it will look better the longer you have it.

Mens Vintage Leather Trucker Jacket

Vintage inspired leather trucker jacket

Find the perfect gift this holiday season, and shop our collection of quality,vintage-inspired leather jackets.


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