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  • Leather Koozie - Walnut Brown

    Leather Koozie - Walnut Brown

  • Roosevelt Camel Leather Laptop Bag

    Leather Briefcase Bag - Camel

  • Elwood Braces - Orange/Green - Front View

    Elwood Braces - Orange/Green

    Regular Price: $84.95

    Special Price $34.95

  • Elwood Braces - Navy - Front View

    Elwood Braces - Navy

    Regular Price: $84.95

    Special Price $34.95

  • Elwood Braces - Red - Front View

    Elwood Braces - Red

    Regular Price: $84.95

    Special Price $34.95

  • Elkton iPad Case - Canvas and Leather iPad Case, iPad2, Ipad3

    Elkton iPad Case in Waxed Canvas and Leather

  • Front View of Denver Leather Wallet

    Denver Leather Billfold Wallet - Walnut

  • Side View of Dakota Bison Leather Wallet for Men

    Dakota Bison Leather Billfold Wallet

  • Bison Leather Billfold Wallet

    Teton Bison Leather Billfold Wallet


Items 1 to 30 of 89 total

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Men's Leather Bags, Wallets, Briefcases, Belts, Sunglass Straps, and Travel Goods

There’s something about walking into an authentic and rustic leather goods store. That smell: rich, dark-stitched, with just a trace of border town recklessness thrown in.We believe leather needs to be liberated from that black pleather most men carry. Our classic leather wallets and bags have that old world and rugged style to it. Tough, vintage, and rustic might be a few words to describe our leather goods. And just so we’re clear, you won’t find any Velcro or plastic snaps or plaid lining in these classics, because we’d hate for you to get gut-shot in a border town.

Leather Goods Inspired for Hard Working Men

We didn’t make our designs with polished and glossy finished edges, because who is? Neither a man or a wallet. At Buffalo Jackson Trading Co, we believe both are meant to be in process. Our authentic leather designs in wallets, laptop leather bags, messenger bags, leather briefcase bags, camel travel bags, billfold wallets, toiletry kits, and travel cases are meant to wear-in and over time, much like a man. Our leather is chosen to give that durable, tough, hard working aspect of what leather was about. They get better with age. The color, the feel, and the character.The leather and the man… we wear in together.

But most leather from other companies starts at its peak and goes downhill. It is bought and begins to wear out. Stresspoints, stitching, corners, all just begin the inevitable process.You know what I am talking about. The thin, almost plastic looking leather (pleather) with cheap nylon lining and complimented by thin nylon stitching only promises your heading downhill from the start. They call it a thin wallet. But why do they do this? Leather is hard to work with, there are inconsistencies, various thickness issues, its been on an animal so its worn. Does that mass-produce well? Heck no. So hence the fake leather and thin wallets that can be bought overseas for cheap prices. They give you 1/10th of the original hide leather. The results are bad quality and design and nothing unique. But when theirs starts wearing out, edges falling apart, interior compartments breaking down andthe leather is looking bad, ours is just starting to wear in.

Our High Quality Process -

We spendup to 4X the cost on better, higher quality, and thicker cow and bison leather. We put high quality and thick nylon stitching in our leather travel bags, our messenger laptop bag, and more construction time in our items because of our desire for the highest quality. All stress points include rivets to keep the stitching together. We also reinforce all the areas where a bag might fail.

So when you might one of our leather tie cases, leather sunglass straps, maybe a billfold wallet, dopp kit, toiletry kit, or a cigar caseyou can trust the quality is there and it will last you for decades. Our mission is for those items to function and offer that rugged gentleman feel to it that will last a lifetime. Our quality department rejects products because they don’t meet our quality inspection. Try and find that in those generic mass produced items? Our leather craftsmanship is second to none.

The Rugged and Tough Looking Design of our Wallets and Leather Bags

The leather good brands out there are today offering polished up and leather with almost a gloss sheen to it. You don’t kill a trophy elk and mount it in a tux. You want the animal to stand on its own for who it was. Same with our wallets. We highlight the leather, we don’t polish it into what it was never meant to be.

We want to preserve the texture of the cow and bison leather. You might even consider our wallets unfinished. We let more of the natural designs of the leather show up.Leather is naturally meant to show itself. Reveal its toughness. We leave the wild bull and cow even our buffalo leather, as a compliment to the rugged and tough animal.

So you get the layers of the leather visible right there in the rugged design wallet. Does it look unfinished? Well, if you think a well polished designer Armani suit and slick backed hair with baby soft hands is your view of success, than we aren’t your deal. But if a man’s wallet, leather bag, belts, and leather accessories are supposed to be well stitched, wear over the decades, and come out looking better with age, than we are your leather goods company.

The Kind of Man That Might Purchase Our Leather Products

  • Has a humidor in the house or in the garage
  • Has a picture of his dog framed
  • He takes his time. And people wait on him.
  • His jeans are faded, from real use not acid washing
  • Knows the difference between a good and a bad scotch
  • A gun under the bed. No question.
  • Has luggage that has waxed canvas as its material
  • Can pack a week’s worth of clothes in a small duffle
  • Has a pair of his dad’s cowboy boots that fit him
  • Can recite the Lord’s Prayer
  • A worn out copy of Old Man and the Sea
  • His dog actually listens to him.
  • He fits well in the city, but gets a sense his home is somewhere beyond it. Fishing, hunting, just anywhere that he can get away
  • He can easily pick out a pleather business bag at an airport, but his values would keep him from ever looking down upon him.
  • Vehicles? CJ7, Old Toyota Landcruiser, Ford truck

Our Leather Designs for Men

We offer a wide selection of men’s bi-fold wallets, men’s tri-fold wallets, men’sbillfold wallets in light brown and dark brown leather. We have 5 slot leather checkbook wallets that can hold a check, receipts, bills, and money, and a stash of credit cards.Leather checkbook covers that include a slot for register holder, simple and plain photo id wallets. We have a leather necktie and bow tie case made from whiskey leather and snaps to hold up to 6 ties.Our men’s rugged briefcase bag is one of our best sellers that has thick leather and designed to last for a few decades. We even have a leather mouse pad, small leather magnet money clips in all sizes and for all men.

Thickness and Style with Pigskin Lining

We use pigskin lining in all of our products. Does it cost more? Of course. But it is one of the toughest linings on the planet. We line all the slots and back side of our leather products so that they will last. Even if you don’t see them.Our nylon stitching is marine grade and will not wear out or fail. If you get the picture, we take care of our leather products like they are our son.

Reviews of our Leather Wallets and Bags

“I’ve seen and purchased a lot of leather products, but opening up my package to discover that leather smell and see the attention to detail of my wallet proved it was truly made with high quality craftsmanship.”

-John in Charleston, SC

“I’ve had my fair share of leather bags over the years, but the thickness of the leather, the color, and the quality of the stitching is proof I won’t need another bag for a long time. Thanks Buffalo Jackson!”

-Trent in Texas

History of Leather – Wallets, Bags, Briefcase, Saddlery

Leather over civilization, has played a very important role. The skins of deer, elk, bison, and so many animals all played an important part in satisfying man’s basic needs. Hides have given man clothing, shelter, carpets and even decorative attire. Leather turned into man made footwear, belts, clothing, containers, and even boats and armour. The main shirt for romans was made out of thick leather.

Over time, probably by accident and trial and error, man discovered ways of preserving and softening leather skins with things like bark extracts, grease, and even smoke. The art of tanning began and opened up all kinds of new items to come under the dominion of the leather worker.


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