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What is the Best Purse for Travel?

BY Buffalo Jackson Insight
BY Amanda Uher

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best purse for travel. Where are you going? What will you be doing? What’s your style?

You can purchase a purse made specifically for travel -- but be sure to consider if it’s a purse you will actually want to carry. A well-made purse for travel will be an investment. So, if at all possible, choose a durable purse you’ll want to use for multiple travels, and even back at home in everyday life.  

Choosing a Purse for Travel: 3 Critical Considerations


One of the most important features of a purse for travel is the strap. Aside from something like a money belt, a purse with a crossbody strap will be your most secure option. Look for a strap with an adjustable length so you can be sure it fits you properly. You’ll want to wear your purse diagonally across your body, in front or at your hip, and at a length where you can rest your hand on it at all times. The strap should also be made of a thick material. A thin cotton or nylon strap can be easily slashed by a thief; leather is a much better option. Although it could still be cut, it is more difficult to slash than a thin fabric.


A large, open-topped tote bag does not make a great purse for travel. Unless you’re just using it as a beach bag. In that case, go for it, but keep your essentials in a smaller purse that you can keep close to your body. Consider if you’re able to block access to your purse’s contents with just your hand. Also, consider what kind of contents you plan to carry in your purse. What size will be small enough for you to keep secure, but large enough to carry all you need? Pockets and compartments will go a long way in keeping your essentials organized on the go.


Besides how you carry it, the main “security” feature on your purse will be how (and if) it closes. When choosing a purse for travel, a zipper closure is important. A snap is better than nothing, but still offers easier access than a zipper. Keep your purse zippered closed at all times.

Our best advice: think through what you specifically need in a purse for travel AND what you want to wear.  Whether traveling near or far, you’ll be glad you made the investment.

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