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Vintage Bison Gettysburg Belt - Saddle


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My old man loved Eastwood. I’ll never forget the two of us watching “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.” He couldn’t stop talking about that scene where Thunderbolt’s shoulder is out of socket, so he strips off his belt, and using a tree for leverage wraps that belt around his arm and pops his shoulder back into place. True machismo. My Dad reached over and lightly slapped my knee with his knuckles: “A man and his belt oughta be strong enough to do that.” The next week I used my lawn-mowing money to buy a basic leather belt, and I’ve worn one ever since, initially for Eastwood, but later for my old man.

Our Vintage Bison Belt is up to the challenge should you find your shoulder out of socket. We’re serious. But the rest of the time it is simply THE belt we’re proud to offer and THE belt we believe you’ll be proud to own. We offer it in three distinct styles - the Calhoun, the Gettysburg, and the Chippewa – each with its own attitude of strength and can-do…sorta like Eastwood, and Dad.

Features of the Vintage Bison Gettysburg Belt- Saddle
- Made with 100% Genuine Bison Leather
- Designed with medium pull-up and rich undertones
- 35mm width belt with paint beveled edge and double accent stitching
- Single leather keeper with tapered tip
- Antiqued nickel buckle (sewn in)
- Made in the USA

*Traditionally Belts should be ordered 1 size up*
*Belts Ship Separately*
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