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Leather Koozie - Whiskey Tan

One of the earliest examples of the word Koozie is a 1912 definition from the Evening Observer in Dunkirk, N.Y.: "Coozie, a girl whom you don't know, but whom you would like to get acquainted with." That being said, you may not be familiar with our Latigo leather koozies, but trust us, you’ll want to get acquainted with one.

And call me crazy, but leather has a high insulating factor. So, yeah, tell those foam koozies to take a hike and wrap your beverage in this leather holder.

• Color – Whiskey, real whiskey? By golly, between the tanners and the leather drums… someone had a little to turn it into this.
• 100% Top Grain Leather on these Koozies
• Handmade Authentic Leather Goods for glass bottles and cans
• Stitched with high grade nylon that is tougher than your grandpa, and he was tough, so you can imagine.

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