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Denver Leather Briefcase - Sienna Brown



He sat across from me in the terminal. Our flight to Atlanta had been delayed and the crew was working to de-ice the plane. He was impeccably dressed in polished boots, pressed dungarees, a ranger belt, and quite possibly the flannel shirt God had in mind when he created humanity.

Beside him sat a rugged briefcase. It was no ordinary briefcase. Rugged, sturdy, and perfectly built, it was the kind of briefcase only a man like him would carry. I couldn’t help but stare. It had well-stitched pockets, enough room to hold a laptop, book, notepad (and who knows what else) and was made with rugged top grain leather. It was the perfect rugged briefcase for the perfect rugged man. I promised myself I would design a rugged leather briefcase just like his when I got home to Denver, and I did.

You're welcome.

Features of the Denver Rugged Briefcase:
- 100% Top Grain (Super Thick) Authentic Cow Leather
- Chocolate Suede Leather Interior Lining
- Constructed with Thick Nylon Stitching & Rivets
- High-Quality Hardware in Antique Brass Finish
- Extra Rivets at Stress Points
- Two Interior Compartments with holders and pockets
- Button Snap to Secure Laptop
- Laptop sleeve fits most 15" screen display laptops (diagonal measurement)
- Adjustable Shoulder Strap

*Disclaimer: This style of leather is susceptible to light natural scratching that is normal and expected.

Dimensions: 16" L x 11" H x 7" W
Including Front Pockets: 16" L x 11" H x 8" W
Weight: 5.5 lbs
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