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Elkton Canvas Luggage - Waxed Canvas and Leather Travel Bag

A good travel companion is hard to find. They have to be built for the road, tough enough to survive some bumps and sharp turns along the way. They must be loyal, always there for you when you need it, when mishaps and dead ends inevitably come. Despite the rarity of good travel companions, the Elkton canvas luggage bag fits the bill. Men’s luggage built with the finest waxed canvas, full-grain leather, and sturdy nickel hardware, it's tough enough to stand up to any road. Its sturdy construction means it's built for reliability, to outlast even the man who carries it. Our canvas men’s luggage isn't great at making conversation, but then again, maybe that's not such a bad thing for a travel companion.

Features of the Elkton Waxed Canvas Men’s Luggage Bag:
- Durable Waxed Canvas - #10 20 oz./square yard
- Whiskey Leather - Full Grain in Pocket, Handle, Straps
- Sewn Together with Heavy Duty Nylon Stitching
- YKK Nickel Zippers - Stout and Thick Zippers
- Tough Carry Handle And Full Adjustable and Detachable Leather Strap
- Sturdy Brown Canvas Interior Lining
- 4" False Bottom - Interior Ballistic Nylon (Easy Cleaning for Boots)
- Interior Zipper Pockets
- Imported from Mexico

22" W x 18" H x 16" D
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