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Leather Sunglass Straps - Black

Everyone has their go-to pair of sunglasses for a sunny day. They may be vintage Raybans or they could just be a cheap pair from the gas station. They are special to you no matter what the price tag says. So take care of those glasses with something that is sturdy and reliable like our leather sunglasses strap. Would you rather have your pair glasses on a cheap foam lanyard or on a stylish and sturdy strap?

At Buffalo Jackson Trading Co, we felt the need to class it up. Get back to the roots of what men used on horseback and traveling. Stitched together from 100% tough cow leather and lined with pigskin, we also added extra strength nylon stitching. This is sure to become a true classic accessory for the rugged gentleman and his trusted sunglasses.

Sunglass Size Chart:
- Medium: Fits All Sunglasses Frames except XL frames
- XL: Made for Rayban Wayfarers and XL size frames
- Length 15 1/2"

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