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Jackson Vest w/ Sherpa Collar - Cedar and Bark


Jackson Vest

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He came in the store smelling of pine, wearing a vest that looked like it might have seen actual action in the Civil War. He said, “Name’s Jackson. It’s time for an upgrade. Not climbing Denali, but I have no interest in a paper towel with buttons either. Show me something.”

Before we could say anything the yet-to-be-named model caught his eye. He tried on all the color combinations, zipping each one up to his chin, the Sherpa lining inside the collar an exact match for his beard. “I'll take this one.”

He paid with cash, left satisfied, and we had the perfect name for our newest offering – the Jackson Vest. Some things just feel right.


- Corduroy Cowboy Cut Vest

- Brown Corduroy, Tan Fabric

- Poly/Cotton Blend Lining

- YKK Antique Brass Zippers

- Antique Brass Buffalo Jackson Snap Buttons

- in Side Pockets - Corduroy Trim in Pocket, Side Vents, and Collar

- Buffalo Jackson Logo on Left Chest, Imported

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