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Dakota Leather Journal Cover & iPad Mini Case - Chestnut Brown

Everyone else around the table was taking notes on a laptop or a tablet, even a couple on their phones. Everyone, that is, but him. He held a mechanical pencil and made notes in a large journal filled with this strange material called paper. I watched him as he took notes, and there was something solid there, something not battery-powered, something lasting.

Now don’t get me wrong, by no means was this guy “living in the past.” For next to his large journal sat an iPad mini. Sure, he could of used his iPad mini, but instead he chose to use those white sheets. It’s hard to explain, but this guy was old and new all at the same time.

Our Dakota Leather iPad Mini Case is crafted for a journal that’s big, one large enough to command attention at the table and sufficient enough to record notes, impressions, drawings, you name it. It is expertly crafted from rich leather in two color options. Also included are two pockets for receipts, letters, or directions to the boss’s house for dinner - a dinner that no one else at the table got invited to. No one, that is, but him.

Features of the Dakota Leather Journal Cover & iPad Mini Case - Chestnut Brown:
- 100% Cow Leather for a Rich and Thick Finish
- Fits iPad Mini in Sleeve
- Fits Moleskine Journal
- 2 sleeves for Field Guide Journals
- 2 pockets for loose notes, extra cash, receipts, etc.
- Comes with Field Journal Booklet 2-Pack
- Made in Mexico

Closed: 9"H X 5.8"W
Open: 9"H X 12" L
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