Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Travel Duffle Bag - Brown

Product Code: DS-204-BIS-D

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Top-drawer, really top-drawer. That was Gloria’s phrase for the finer things in life. She used it sparingly because she knew to overdo it would dilute the power of her long, drawn-out phrase. I mean, if everything in life is one of the finer things, then nothing is, right? There are distinctions, in everything from whiskey to pocketknives, and while the progressive “flattening out” sounds good in theory, it all too often leaves us with nothing more than a mediocre middle.

Our Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Duffle Bag is about as far from mediocre as one could get. Masterfully crafted with copper rivets, antique nickel hardware, and let’s just say pockets and compartments galore, this premium bison leather bag takes the word “duffle” to a completely new level. When you need a bag you can rely on, you need a leather you can rely on; we chose bison leather for it’s subtly durability and it’s sheer elegance. I carried mine the weekend I took Gloria to the Poconos. As soon as she saw it, she stopped and said, “Top-drawer, really top-drawer.” I said, “I know, right?”

Features of the Ryder Reserve Bison Leather Duffle Bag:
- Full grain Bison leather
- Copper rivets
- Antique nickel hardware
- Tough all leather carry handles
- Exterior pockets with buckle
- Adjustable full leather strap with leather foam pad for comfort
- Two inside end compartments with zipper compartment
- Made in Mexico

Dimensions: 24" L x 12" H x 13" W
Weight: 9 lbs. 14 oz

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