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Wit & Wisdom: Write Something


People don’t write much anymore.

I don’t mean type, email or text 


I mean pick up a good pen, some quality paper and 

actually make letters, make words...

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Meet an Adventurer Q&A

Justin Costner is a Landscape and Adventure photographer based in Western NC who's work has been published and featured by numerous publications and b...

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Wit & Wisdom: It Was Called a Filling Station


There is a gas station on the corner. 

Used to be called a filling station.

They filled things up.

While they filled your gas tank they checked to see i...

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Adventure Notes #1

The mountain air was fresh and cool as we stepped out onto the trail. The afternoon sun was bright overhead and a gentle breeze pushed by us as if it ...

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They Were So Close

Does the name R. U. Harby ring any bells? R. U. Harby had an uncle who had the gold-fever. So the two of them went west (Colorado) and staked a claim....

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A Rite of Passage

Chances are good that you, like me, are a member of different social media groups. The Fans of Emmylou Harris, the Don’tcha Wish Your Beard Was Hot Li...

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No Matter Where I Go In The World

My team and I carry our cameras around the world and have the privilege of documenting men and women who courageously press through injustice, famine,...

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Fear, Pride, & Comfort

I started Silent Images 10 years ago because I love listening to people’s stories. We all have a story and sharing our stories seems to connect us in ...

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How does a man honor his wild?

There’s this caricature of male wildness that looks like some event, some big pep rally type scenario that seeks a lot of attention from other people,...

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How does a man honor the present?

That’s another good question. And for most men, sort of a stumper. Most of us are so swept up by all the things we’ve got going on that the question o...

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How does a man honor the future?

Some men live almost exclusively in the future, always planning for what’s around the corner, just over the next ridge. While some might call these me...

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Interview with Michael Yarbrough

We first met Mike Yarbrough about a year ago. He's local to us and shares much of the same passions to see men grow in the old school wisdom and class...

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