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How Do We Really Change

This is a question we think a lot about because we really do have a conviction to offer significant, long-term change to the men we work with. Plus, w...

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Cairns Towards Home

In Montana’s Glacier region last October, I hiked through old growth (Hemlocks, Larches, Ponderosa Pines). I followed the sound of swift water, like a...

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Mother's Day

Maybe your calendar is old school, hanging on a wall. Maybe yours resides on your smart-phone. Wherever or whatever yours is, mark it, because Sunday,...

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The History of Flannel

Warm. Comfortable. Durable. Everyone loves flannel. But, not everyone knows its rich history. The flannel shirt stands alone as the most universally r...

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Attempt Them

“Because I am afraid of things, of being hurt, and death, I have to attempt them.”

~ T.H. White, England Have My Bones


Later this month I will celebrat...

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Take Another Swing

Mention the word “poetry” and most men squirm or roll their eyes or a combination of both. That’s fair. Most of us had an early encounter with poetry ...

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Meet A Traveler Q&A

Chris Amato is an outdoor enthusiast and traveler with a passion for marketing. He is a self-taught photographer and videographer based out of North G...

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Here's To You

Most men I know get very little affirmation in their lives. The same could no doubt be said for women. But women are pretty good about asking for it, ...

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Why We All Need Heroes

I just watched this small clip of kids getting a chance to interact with some of their favorite sports personalities. Their reactions to catching thei...

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I’ve got a friend who lives up on Flathead Lake, just outside of Lakeside, Montana. He’s got a place right on the water, a cabin that he and his fathe...

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The Hygge Phenomenon

There’s a phenomenon taking our culture by storm right now. Hygge (pronounced hoogah) – is the Danish word for “cozy.” Denmark tops many lists as one ...

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The Stories of Our Fathers

Per one of our Training Ground alumni, I just finished watching an episode of “Master of None” on Netflix. Aziz Ansari and one of his buddies walk thr...

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