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A Gathering Of Men

We get together about every 6-8 weeks. We all wish it was more frequent, and maybe it will be in days to come. But for now we take what we can get, an...

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Don't Buy It, Build It

“Here’s a simple christmas challenge...


Build a gift with the Family!


Make a Handmade toy this year, Don’t Buy it, Build it!


There’s alot of good idea...

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Rethinking Extravagance This Holiday Season

There’s something about the days we find ourselves in that makes me think extravagance this holiday season might be just a bit inappropriate. Oh, I’ll...

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More Than Just Fishing

The fall season is when the giant brown trout spawn and run from their lakes back into the nearby streams. Xan and I had not fished in years, and he h...

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Who Counts

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The c...

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The Willing Direction

By day I work in the publishing world. I edit books, which can mean a number of things but can be boiled down to this: I take a rough manuscript and m...

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We’re about a month out from the presidential election. You and I will be invited to visit our respective polling places and cast our free vote, or co...

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The Way Back Is The Way Forward

For years now I have loved historical documentaries. At times it feels like I could get lost in the stories told by Ken Burns, or the books written by...

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Wit & Wisdom: Pick up a tool

When I walk about Buffalo Jackson I smell leather. 

When I smell leather it takes me back to a small camp leather shop by wife taught when she made my ...

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I Am My Dad

For years in high school, I vowed that this would never be the case. If my dad turned left, I turned right. I felt like we had nothing in common. My d...

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Wit & Wisdom: Grand Dads Knife

This was was my Granddad’s Boker pocket knife.

He would ask me if I wanted a bite of an apple. What kid didn’t want that?


I’ll peel it he said.  The pe...

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Wit & Wisdom: Write Something

People don’t write much anymore.

I don’t mean type, email or text 


I mean pick up a good pen, some quality paper and 

actually make letters, make words,...

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