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How To Care for a Vintage Leather Briefcase

How to Care for Your Vintage Leather Briefcase

Vintage Leather Briefcase

Do you have a men’s vintage and rugged briefcase and are looking for how to care for it? Folks will spend hundreds of dollars on a new bag, but then neglect it. And often, when you have an old bag, it just needs a little care to restore it back to its original beauty.

It’s so simple to take care of it. I mean, your car sitting in the garage needs a little love now and then, routine maintenance, a new battery. Oil change. And so do leather bags. While simple, spending a little time will make all the difference.Vintage Leather Briefcase

Proper care and maintenance will help it keep its durability and strength for years when cared for properly.

Leather care prevents the bag from drying out, cracking, and will protect it from excessive moisture that can cause the leather to swell or mildew. This guide will help you and ensure your investment will last with a rugged, vintage and reliable leather briefcase for years to come.

Caring for your Leather Briefcase:

Things You Will Need:

-Leather Cleaner

-Leather Conditioner

-Soft Cotton Cloth / Pad

Leather Cleaner Conditioner Vintage bags

1. Make sure to handle your leather briefcase with clean hands. It’s a given here, but just remember to do that.

Apply a cleaner especially made for leather. Use a circular motion with a slightly damp cloth so not to clog the pores of the leather and spread out the cleaner. Use this technique on the bag about two times a year.

This will get out the dirt, the grime, and oils from soiled leather. Please allow cleaned leather to dry completely before applying conditioner

2. Here is the kicker. And where the bag needs you. Think of those spas with folks sitting out with those cucumbers on their yes. We have to moisturize your bag with a leather conditioner like your skin.

While there are various types of conditioner, the important elements of all conditioners is that they are getting into the deep fibres of the leather and keeping it from drying out. Re-invigorating the leather grain and fibres. All that stuff.

Tip: Always consider testing an area before you go after the entire bag. It is always easier to test, and apply once you are happy with that areas results.