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Men's Highland Waxed Cotton Vest - Navy



Highlands Vest

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You haven’t heard from her in weeks when, out of the blue, she calls and says, “Meet me at 7pm for dinner. You know where.”

The place doesn’t require a coat and tie, but you can’t wear your rugby jersey either. So you grab the shirt she gave you for your birthday and pair it with your Highlands Waxed Cotton Vest. The shirt puts her at ease and sends the message: “I’ve missed you.” But the quilted vest? That surprises her, as well as when you say, “You can pay for dinner tonight. Just this once.” She smiles as she figures the tip, then says “Forgive me?”

Features of the Men's Highland Waxed Cotton Vest:
- Vest is waxed then washed resulting in a broken-in appearance that still maintains the wax coating - basically it’s magic.
- Outer and inner zippered chest pockets
- Stand up collar
- Lined hand pockets
- Adjustable waist snaps
- Color-contrasted draft flap
- Available in Navy and Camel, Imported
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