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Heritage Shirt

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The heritage of plaid. The phrase has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Think of all our fathers and grandfathers who wore plaid shirts. Most of those shirts didn’t come from high-end luxury brands, but more likely Sears or Montgomery Wards. They were sturdy and just a little more interesting than your run of the mill solids, much like the men who wore them for everything from field work to funeral services.

The Heritage Button Down Shirt honors our plaid-loving ancestors. The 100% cotton construction is sturdy, falling somewhere between those high-end luxury brands and Sears. In other words, where most men live. And these plaid patterns are smart enough to capture the attention without needing to steal the show. We can’t promise wearing one will change your life. But it might remind you of the kind of men we came from - those sturdy, interesting types who left us the heritage of plaid.

Features of the Heritage Button Down Shirt:
- Single front pocket
- Lightweight 100% cotton construction
- Adjustable cuffs on the end of sleeves
- Back collar button
- Imported

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