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Riverton Leather Cigar Case

Good cigars are about two things; substance and presentation. Actually, so is life. But how many of us end up with one and not the other?

I've spent plenty trips out West with plenty a good cigar, but always presented in cheap plastic humidors. Substance, great. But presentation? Not so much.

So I wondered, what would it take to make a cigar travel case that would do justice to the substance of its contents? Could I make an exquisite cigar travel case that would wrap around the cigar and present it as it should be?

Well, here it is. I don't know what cigars you carry, but I'm pretty sure this case will more than match their quality. After two years of development and alterations, we finally created the ultimate leather cigar travel case. Enjoy.

Features of the Riverton Leather Cigar Travel Case:
- 100% full-grain leather
- Adjustable interior leather straps (fits 10 cigars)
- Two removable magnetic leather pouches for lighters and cigar cutters
- Removable humidifier
- YKK Nickel Zippers - Stout and Thick Zippers

Dimensions: 11.5" Tall x 8.5" Wide x 18" Open x 1.5" Spine
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