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Canvas Wax - Buffalo Jackson Canvas Care

An all natural canvas wax designed for treated and untreated materials of Buffalo Jackson canvas products and others.

- Superior waterproofing, 8 oz canvas wax
- Long-lasting protection
- Semi-solid stick is easy to apply
- All natural and locally sourced
- Handmade in the USA

How to re-wax your bag?

Supplies you will need…
- Canvas Wax
- Heat Gun/ Blow Dryer

Important step: Learn how to apply on a small part of fabric/bag that is inconspicuous, to learn the technique.

Step 1. Make sure the fabric is clean and dry
Step 2. Heat the section you will be applying the canvas wax to (to warm it up). This will allow the canvas wax to adhere to the fabric and absorb into the fibers when applied.
Step 3. Apply the canvas wax much like you would a bar of soap going across the surface. You can apply the pressure lightly and test to see what is required to soak in the fabric.
Step 4. Once the canvas wax is on the fabric, you can use your fingers to rub the wax and spread it into the fibers. Using pressure will also allow it to spread out evenly onto the fabric.
Step 5. Reheat the fabric with the canvas wax now on the fabric, and allow it to melt and adhere more into the fibers.
Step 6. Allow it to dry for up to 24 hours
Step 7. Once dry, you might find uneven spots. Repeat if necessary for an even application.
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