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Camp Shirt - Summer Road



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There are people who refer to any warm days in the fall as an “Indian summer.” Those are the people have no place in their lives for The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

If they did, they’d know that a) those warm days must follow a cold spell or a hard frost, and b) the days must occur between November 11 and November 20.

They’d also know those days are perfect for our Cottonwood Shirt with button-roll tabs to keep those long sleeves rolled up when the afternoons turn Indian. The Cottonwood Shirt isn't’ mentioned in The Old Farmer’s Almanac, but it oughta be.

Features of the Camp Shirt:
- Two pockets in the chest, with button flap
- Sleeves are adjustable, as we've mentioned above
- Adjustable cuffs on the end of the adjustable sleeves
- Back collar button
- 100% cotton construction, washed a few times for a soft feel
- Imported

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