I would like to make the case… you need a padfolio. One of our best selling and most practical items you can use everyday in business, travel, and play is a quality leather padfolio.

I confess a few years ago, I had assumed they were for the business class and just for board meetings. But a good friend turned me onto the experience of a padfolio as a practical and everyday use item. And ever since then, I continue to use mine just about everyday.  From meetings where I can pull out the note pad, to grabbing a quick bite of lunch where I have my files and receipts that I can review. It is fast and light, unlike carrying in a big bulky bag. And yet, fits great when you need to take your laptop, and the rest. I take mine everywhere.

In fact... as I write this... it is right here with me... Its aged a bit. The leather is looking better today, than when I first started using it.

Leather Portfolio for Men with Laptop & Bagel


Items in mine:

-       Extra Envelopes, Receipts, Sheets of paper, Notes

-       Pens, Full Pad of Paper

-       3 Folders with account information in each

-       Two Slots for my credit cards

-       Charge cords and headphones

-       2012 – 2013 Calendar (removed for this picture)

The left side has room for a few credit cards in two slots, your photo id, and a pocket area you can use for cords, pens, receipts, and even an iphone or phone.

Interior View Leather Mens Planner

One of the unique features of our leather padfolio design is our right side flap.  

Flap for Padfolio Section

When I designed this, I wanted to give the opportunity to use a pad of paper or a calendar you can tuck in the leather slot on the right side, or use it for files… Or even a combination of all three.

Here it is being used for just a pad of paper...

Mens Leather Padfolio Paper

I feel like a padfolio needs to be versatile to change… it can handle classic items… but has space for wires, credit cards for travel, slots to hold maps… you name it. 

We designed the right side flap to be thick enough to hold a pad of paper, but still available to still fold out to hold file folders, papers, and a full size calendar you can tuck in the back page.

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