It seems to echo its way back from our beginnings and the Judeo-Christian narrative. A God who made the world made man and woman in His image.

We reflect something of His creative ways.

Whatever you define as being masculine, I would like to argue that being creative should be one of the core tenants. We make things. We build things. We write poetry. We name things. And often, that same energy in its dark side, takes us to envy, violate, critique, kill, and destroy things with our lack of it.

I can’t help but wonder if that creator element… we will build and destroy. It’s the creator in us, trying to get out. The good and the bad.

I’ve always been party ashamed of my creativity. It’s not always highlighted in our perspective of a man’s man. I love art. Beautiful things. Colors. Textures. From well designed leather bags to mountain sunsets. A well landscaped yard or golf course is a site to behold. So is the Grand Tetons of Wyoming. Sunsets and the smile on my three little girls faces as they dance and sing to songs in the evening around the family room. 

My Daughters

(My two oldest daughters, Kruzie and Saylor)

Sometimes when folks come into our trading post they will ask... who designed this place? There seems to be the question... did a guy create this? 

I kind of laugh and sometimes a bit ashamed… well, I did. Yep. A guy. This is my expression of what I believe. And the brand. No specialists, just a dude trying to share a vision. I went into antique stores. Old barns. And rummaged through junk.

Buffalo Jackson is my expression of what I believe… trying to get out and create.

I experienced it the other night as a friend wrote Doug, wrote a song and had it played for his wife at her birthday. A man and his words about how he adores his wife. It was tender and very masculine.

Creativity goes beyond art. It shows up in golf shots. Many guys on tour are ADHD, the challenge of each new shot presenting itself… some form of new creative way.

As one other friend shared the other day, it is required in balance sheets and business as much as it is in works of art. I’m convinced entrepreneurship has more to do with creativity than what people generally think of as just a willingness to risk.

For most of us, creativity has often seen as a more feminine nature to it. The stereotype is that man is not to be creative, or its almost shunned or looked down on. 

In fact, a women at her core, can create life. She makes the one thing man cannot. A human. That’s pretty much tops any thing else one could attempt in this life. You built a billion dollar fortune and made a gold statue of yourself?

Big deal… how about making a human and birthing it out of your body.

That’s pretty damn amazing.

I heard one professor say that all of man’s creativity is out of envy of a women for what he cannot create… a human. Interesting observation worth reflecting on. I would have never thought that, but there is something deep there. Could there be anything more glorious than to create a person? Maybe that is why Mary the mother of Jesus, has become so iconic in the Catholic faith and is so often worshipped? She birthed God.

So where does that put man on his quest for creativity and how is that different than a women? Maybe… there is something tied more to creativity in relationships for women and then creativity relating to things/objects with men. I’m not theologian or philosopher, but just a few observations.

Too often when we say creative… for a man, we say it with some sort of disdain or lack of masculinity. Our stereotypes tend to be chiseled in a stone block that would lack all things creative. But what if a real man is to be creative? What if our stereotypes miss something true to who we are? 

I remember talking to a man, ten years ago in Nashville who got his muffler done at a repair shop. Staring at the man under the hood as the sparks flew and him welding on his new pipe… he just stared in amusement. He told the guy… in wonder of what was happening…  “your like an artist with that welding gun.”

This burly guy choked up. And said… “ya know. I’ve always thought of this work that way as he hid back tears and almost ashamed of being honest about letting that out.

I don’t know if you identify yourself as creative or not. But whether you are a mechanic, or hair stylist, or an account or an entrepreneur… I think deep inside all of us, we are meant to display and be creators. We reflect that nature as God’s image bearers in the masculine form.

I hope you explore what that means to bring your measure of that to this world.

We need it.