"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

- Teddy Roosevelt

What do you do with those dreams of yours?   We rarely follow them.

The thought is… I don't have what is required to pull that off. We look at others and often say... if I only had what they had. If I only got those breaks, if I could find those type of investors, or had those certain skills, or had that personality, or the time like they do... well then... I could step out.

For some, we assume stepping out means the risk of personal failure and shame. We could be exposed. We could lose everything. We could be put in the spotlight and then judged by others.

We create blocks in our mind, hurdles that we feel are beyond us, so we never leap and never head out down that road. And yet, as we look at others, we often can't help but feel envy. We often punish ourselves before ever trying. We give a million excuses. And we sabotage that dream that flickers. And wants to go.

But what if you started with where you are? And with what you have?  What if that was enough? 

What if you were only supposed to see a few steps ahead?

What are you willing to go through? Will you let go of all those requirements and demands you put on yourself and the plans to move forward and trust that place inside you that is carrying the flame?

Sure, there are times for analysis, projections, and planning, but it doesn’t start there. It starts with you being willing to risk. You being willing to be you. To step out. Move into the unknown… the rest will be there when it is supposed to come. It will show up at the correct place and in that allocated time.

What if the excuses you give aren't the parts you can control. What if your role is to trust in that fire burning inside and take the first steps?

Maybe that is what Teddy was thinking when he wrote...

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

- Teddy Roosevelt