A few years back, we designed a leather sunglass strap for men. Most folks know them as croakies, but whatever you call them, we’ve tried to bring them into a classic look to honor the gentleman in us all.

Here is what I have gathered about the last few decades…

Most people spend $50-$300 on a nice pair of sunglasses. They treat their glasses like they might a hunting dog. Care, love, and tenderness… all goes into those glasses.

But it stops there.

Walk around and you find cheap foam hanging off them. The cost of that? About $.50, actually more like a dime. This is a crime.

It would be like buying a BMW and then driving off the lot and going over to Wal-Mart and asking them to put on the cheapest tire. We are looking for performance here… So at Buffalo Jackson, we tried to honor the rugged gentlemen and bring the leather sunglass straps up to the standard of your sunglasses.

We took cow leather, added pigskin lining on the back (one of the toughest leathers you can find), and sewed it together with nylon stitching.

The point? These puppies will last. And they will compliment your sunglasses.

Leather Sunglass Straps for Men Croakies

Great things about our leather sunglass straps … 

  • They wear into their character. Think of them like your favorite shoes or a worn pair of jeans. They will stretch onto your glasses like a glove. The leather gets better with time. 

  • Compliments… yes, wherever you go, people will ask… and want to examine them. Remember, they are still in the world of foam

  • Small frames fit great, large frames? Rayban Wayfarers? All you have to do is put a pencil in the leather hole and stretch it out. Leather is amazing like that.

  • Quality…  I can’t stress this enough… they live up to a high standard.

  • Options in Dark Walnut or Whiskey Leather

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