I recently spent time with Adam O'Daniel of the Charlotte Business Journal who covers areas of finance, banking, and entrepreneurship in our city of Charlotte. Our city is the home of Bank of America, so he keeps himself very busy. 

We connected in many ways... on business practices, faith, and our personal values and felt very grateful for the opportunity for him to share our story with the Charlotte community... I find that in the clothing and lifestyle business it is sometimes tempting to craft your own story to tell everyone, but one of the great gifts in life is when someone actually shares their perspective and tells your story. 

I felt very honored on what he shared. <You can read it here>

I feel like as our nation seems to get more and more divided, and the narrative of the day is the big guys vs the little guys. I feel very honored to share how I have been able to grow a business with cash flow and not through debt financing or equity financing. To me, it seems like the honest way. I know it can't happen with all businesses, but I think it should be more our mentality then the build it fast and quick mentality of our culture.

I often wonder if the big vs little is even the right analogy to think of. It sounds like one has all the power. 

I had a friend share the other day that he thought of his business like a growing tree. And that his goal and prayer was that it would come into the fullness of what it was created to be. I have found that to be a fascinating concept. Instead of trying to overtake the world, what if it was to come into its fullness and recognize its place in the forrest.