I've been reading Steve Job's biography by Walter Isaacson. It is one of the most fascinating stories of a man, a company, his story, and all of it playing out in one beautiful mess. He was a real asshole. But he was a genius visionary. He could be tender and also vindictive. 

I loved his passion for connecting product with humanity. Everyone wanted to sell technology, he wanted to infuse people and design in the midst. It reminds me of those DROID commercials. Apple is human. DROID is some sort of mechanized robot. 

DROID, I struggle enough with being too connected to machines and somehow you make me feel even worse about it!

But Apple, it's personal. It's human connection. But it's a machine. Brilliant.

As we set about making a company and re-claiming our roots in clothing, I can't help but dream of being human and accessible over being the robot. We want to change how men think about clothes and what the fashion industry has done to men. Most of the companies we run into just want to make money. That makes sense considering the market today. Trends make you that.

One part I loved about Steve Jobs was that it was never about the money. He said, he was fine when he had little, so what did it mean when he had a lot. I think that might have been why in the end, he was able to be a creative genius. There were other things driving him then just money. Some good things, some bad things, but the man didn't care about money.

I appreciate that. I think it is easy to compromise when it's about the bottom line.

I watched their commercial from a few years ago during Steve Job's return to Apple. I couldn't help but be inspired. Hope you are as well.