One of my friends in Colorado named John Blase wrote this on his blog a few weeks back...

Be careful what you wish for.
If you wish to be a man’s man 
you might find yourself at the end
a hard-pressed man who missed 
the daily frailties that soften you
allowing you to close your eyes
and rest in peace. Perhaps the 
grander wish is to be a woman’s man 
or a child’s man or a dog’s man. 
Those are the men missed when 
they are finally gone.
- John Blase

I had to read it a few times.
I find most folks who reject ideas, tend to reject them because they don't embody them. But what makes this statement so powerful is John B. is a man's man sort of guy. For me, that is what made this quote by him so powerful. A great truth in it.

As men, what are we seeking out? Are we looking for others to identify us in a specific way, or are we serving those and part of their lives where our identity becomes linked to being part of their lives in which we both benefit and share in a true communion of friendship. Our animals, our family, our wives, our children.
One thing we try and embody around here are true masculine virtues... and John nails it for me... reminds me that it's about giving our lives over to those people and things we love. Hope it provokes you to think a little deeper as well.

One of my favorite thoughts about masculinity is that it is about strength and grace. The balance of the two... that is sure a wonderful mystery.
- Xan