“This life -- know that it is precious. You’ve got to grasp every little whiff of it that passes by you. It won’t be easy. It won’t be certain. Not now, not in your unimaginable future. Don’t be surprised. No, embrace the stiff winds, and the lonely heights, remember your name.” - Stephen Kenn

Whenever I get the chance to wake up outside - under a sky beginning to glow with a pale light - in the fresh crisp air early mornings provide, I remind myself that this is special – this is not normal. It’s far too easy to become complacent in life, to let the days slowly trickle past without change. Instead, I chose to embrace the uncertainty in life. To wake up in a cold wind and to explore a wild landscape. To turn my wheels onto the gravel road instead of the asphalt. To make my bed under a roof of stars. To love my family and friends with a fierce love. To remember that this life is like the passing wind, it's here in a moment but gone the next. 

Buffalo Jackson in the mountains


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Wild Pony along the Appalachian Trail


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Buffalo Jackson plaid flannel shirt