I am amazed at how things are made today, from furniture to chairs, and from briefcase bags to toasters. Consumers don’t expect much, and manufactures don’t add the details just because they want to. The eye and attention to detail has gone. We are in a mass market, of cheaper, faster, and better. And I think most of us are just conditioned that way. As the saying goes, "they don’t make things like they used to." And often, we don’t even realize that. We have expected cheaper versions. I just bought at old 1913 wooden bankers chair for my office. And I was looking at the identical version "new." The original weighed 4x and had substantial metal hardware, with solid construction you could feel. I bought it for $120. The new one was down the road for $300 and could have tipped over it was so cheap. They appeared the same... on the surface. 

I want to tell you a little about our best selling leather briefcase bag at Buffalo Jackson. And why I think your grandfather would carry it. 

My grandfather owned an appliance and mower shop in his small town of Martinsville, Indiana. I would go in as a boy and I would see mowers being repaired, blenders being serviced. Part of the business was selling new products, the other part was repairing old ones. The assumption was you bought something, and they were there to make sure it kept working. Things were built like that. A part might need sharpened or maintenanced. But the quality was there. Today? Well, we throw things away when they break. We don’t expect to take them in, or keep them. We go to Wal-Mart and buy another cheap plastic one.

Leather Briefcase Bag Hartman luggage leather bag

Leather bags and briefcases in our grandfather’s era seemed to be heirlooms. Designed for a career. The quality to detail and stitching was impeccable. You repaired your bag in 20 years because a few nicks on the corner, or maybe a stitch came out. But you would never throw it away. My dad carried Hartmann luggage. It has survived and aged. His padfolio. His hard briefcase. All remnants of a time of quality construction and leather that would last. Our Denver briefcase has all the details to last those decades. Made from full grain cow leather. Not cheap plastic nylon to look like leather. It is the full grain of a cow. It costs more, because it is real leather. It's not plastic. But is that really what you want on your bag? Plastic that looks like leather?

The stitching is crafted in the same way. Tough and long lasting nylon stitching that doesn’t fray, or wear out with being used. It will hold its stitch. 25, 50, 75 years. You need that, and most people use cheaper thread because they assume you don't care. And we use the best hardware we can find. No plastic parts or zippers. We want it to last.

Mens Leather Laptop Bag

In fact, the briefcase strap alone is going to be tougher and last longer than the belt you have you hold up your pants. All part of our desire to create a bag built for your lifetime. The one that your kids will see on you one day. 

This is a bag in 25 years, you will take in for a minor repair. You don’t throw it away. You don’t keep it in the back of the closer. You will use it for life, and it will get better with age. 

You can learn more about it here Denver Briefcase Leather Bag