Our Jackson Vest was recently featured on the BACK DOWN SOUTH blog... 

True story… our Jackson Vest was inspired on a winter trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a few months back. We did a little fly-fishing on the frozen tailwaters of Jackson Lake, drank a little too much Moose Drool at a bar in town, and met a few locals that night, one of whom was wearing this jacket.

He explained that it was a ‘one of a kind’ prototype. Developed by an outdoor clothing company that never risked the production.

We beefed it up a little with classy antique brass buttons and tough YKK zippers. Gave it breathable polyester and put corduroy trim in all the right places.

The result? Well… we think it’s a good mix of all the right things. 

Our Version 1.0 has a thicker collar and more puff in the chest. Best for cold weather climates. Our updated 2.0 has less fill, and a reduced collar.

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Jackson Vest - Puffy Mens Outdoor Jacket