I’ve heard in the media in recent days about “the war on women.” It’s probably more a political topic right now trying to get votes and divide but the concept has had me thinking. While I don’t mean to be dismissive of those issues, I would also argue what about the war on men?

I am talking about good men.

The last few decades men have taken a beating. The media loves to portray men in a few ways… Hyper-machismo. Or a neutered and soft man. There is the lazy man who sits on the couch and gets yelled at by his dominating wife. There is the adulterous man who sees women as trophies. And let’s not forget probably the most media friendly one… the narcissistic man. He is on every channel showing his exploits and telling the world about himself.

But what about the good man? Where is he these days?

He’s not around those story lines much. But I think he’s the glue that holds the country together. He doesn’t make the news, maybe not the Hollywood story plot, but he’s the guy that takes care of his family, honors his country, and his past, and brings about stability for those around him. He works hard, believes in character, and earning his way. He lives by a moral code. He might have a hunting dog. A wonderful wife or family. And probably goes to church.

I’ve spent my days chasing down a few of those other stereotypes, along with in my shame fitting into a few of the others. But with a family now, and hopefully in a bit more settled place, I believe the good man is probably one of the greatest places to bring about life and hope for our country and our families. We might not end up on the news or on a reality show. But when the kids are older, I hope they will talk about that goodness. I hope. And how it was the strength that led them.

It seems like our grandfather's era weren't quite as eager to hit the spotlight and show up on a reality show. They were a little more simple minded, given over to hard work and patriotism that came from serving your country and living within your means. Maybe it's just looking for idealism where it is not, but there was a groundedness it seemed in accepting a good life, and not trying to live beyond it. Taking care of family, their garden and horses, and maybe a few friends down the street. I'd love to see us get back to that as a country. I think good men need to be celebrated. And maybe the reward is that life lived out away from all the spotlight..