I was recently interviewed by a CNN reporter on the rise of freelancers.

It was a great opportunity to share some of our story. Since our business started with a few thousands dollars and an idea, (we never got a big check from anyone) I have had to really manage our cash flow and watch every penny in and out of the business. At one point I was looking to get my MBA and decided this business might be that learning opportunity. And it sure has been quite a learning experience.

While I imagine you could argue the case for getting a larger amount of working capital to begin the business, I have found that having less, meant I really had to be strategic about every dollar I spent. It has taught me some great lessons. And while I have failed and made some stupid mistakes, I never had so much money that I was dangerous. 3 years into it, been grateful for that part. Little by little.

You can read the article here...


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CNN Money Article about Buffalo Jackson

Hope you enjoy the article. I am realizing it is quite a good and deeply honoring thing to get a little press here and there.