Home is where we begin. It is where our roots grow and we settle into the surroundings and become. Home is essential.

It is the building blocks of our character and the trajectory of our life. And if we don’t find home, well, the rest can be a wandering mess.

But after home is established, there seems a time in a man’s life when he needs to leave all those great wonders that grew him. He needs to leave home. It seems counter intuitive. Why would you leave what was so good? Some folks don’t.

But that is the great mystery that to step into your own, and to grow as a man, and for those roots to be established and firm, you have to risk what you had, for something you might only known in those inner places of the soul.

John Muir

John Muir, one of American’s great naturalists, was known during a rainstorm to leave the comforts of his cabin to go be with the storm outside.  He would climb a tree and get to the top, so that could experience what the tree felt in a storm. He would sway with the wind, and feel the storm with the rain and wind as it hit his face. 

As I look out, in my life and others, especially in America, and as men, I think we all know the comforts of a cabin, and a fire, and that slow roasted coffee. We do that part well.

Climbing Trees

But as we think about life, and how to fully experience it, and become great men with deep roots-- What if we honored that way... the more wild and masculine part of our soul that needs to get out, and step out from the comforts of home and the cabin and warm fire.

I don't know when the right time might be, but if the moment hits you one day in the future, I encourage you to take it...

Climb a tree in a storm.