It all comes down to the animal. Think about traditional leather that is made from a cow. A cow came from European climates. Their life is more about standing around and grazing in small areas. While great for meat with all that fat, they are not exactly known for their toughness.

Think of cow leather like a house cat.

And then think of buffalo leather like a lion from Africa.

What happens when you put a domestic cat in an African jungle? Well, the "Missing Signs" go up in the neighborhood.

So when it comes to your leather… specifically mens leather shoes. The same applies. It all comes down  to the hide. You want the animal that matches what you will put it through. Because it’s been there before. And the hide has spent the last few million years building a hide structure that will match what you will do with them for the next 10, 20, or 50.

Think of the buffalo.  Here are a few quick lessons on them…

The buffalo are like dinosaurs. They have been around forever. And they scare people how tough looking they are. They are able to survive in freezing climates reaching -50 degrees in the Dakota’s during a winter or up to 110 degrees in the Arizona hot climate. This survivability and adaptability is part of the hide. It provides the unique hide fiber structure that after thousands of centuries became the perfect leather that was resilient and tough.

When it comes to a tough and lasting mens shoe, you need rigid leather that will hold its form but also stretch to the individuals feet. This is what makes bison leather so unique and how it performs. While cow leather has horizontal fibers, bison hides and its leather have interlocking fiber structure so it stretches out, and then after its use fits back together. It is truly the ultimate leather for shoes.

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