Last week, we opened a trading post. 

It has been a dream of mine, ever since we started the business.

In an old historic brick building in Matthews, NC, (right outside of Charlotte) across the street from a 100 year-old hardware store that sells feed, seed, and bolts, we have a storefront.

As a boy, I grew up visiting my Grandparents and their appliance and mower store in the center of a small town in the mid-West. It was a hub of activity for the town that could bring in people for a new television, mower repair, or a new homeowner looking for a washing machine. The conversations always turned to family and small town talk.

Over the years, in the midst of big box stores and online giants, I kept feeling something missing, especially as I opened Buffalo Jackson online. There was something connected to that experience as a boy and the past that seems lost to efficiency and the "everything" store.

Over the last few years, when the work got to be too much, I would wander antique stores out West in Colorado and since moving to North Carolina, the small southern towns near me to be inspired by the things of old. I'd buy trunks and vintage items from stores and old dusty garages with the dream that maybe I would open up a store one day. We even found a buffalo on that quest.

Store Opening Buffalo Jackson

This idea for Buffalo Jackson first began in Jackson Hole, Wyoming during a leadership program a buddy and I started with 12 college men almost 4 years ago. Since then, our family has moved back to the South with the hope to establish these grounds as a place to help re-cultivate the lost character of men, and explore the rich and often forgotten masculine stories of the past through clothing and leather goods.

This little trading post is chance to share that story in a personal way. 

We would love you to come visit and experience it. 

I would also love to personally meet you, swap some stories, show you some of the items we have up on our walls, and take in the vision of what we are trying to tell folks about Buffalo Jackson.

With some hard work and our amazing and loyal customers like you, taking risks on a new brand, we are building that. We never took on investment money, or a rich uncle. We bought a little, and sold a little, and still hold to that.

If you are ever driving through, I hope you consider stopping by. We are grateful for the opportunity to build something we hope will stand for our convictions and beliefs in our culture today and to stand for a cause hopefully our grandfathers might be proud of.


Xan Hood


100 W John St., Unit G, Matthews, NC 28104