The evolution of neckwear… It is a history we should all know.

The first thing ever done in a bow tie? Or necktie?

TPS reports? A business trip to New York? Not exactly.


It started with men in the field of battle. 

Croatian mercenaries in the 17th century needed a way to keep their shirts from flapping in the wind as they were riding their horses into battle. The solution? The cravat. A modern day form of a bow tie was created to tie around their necks.

Yes, you heard it right. A necktie or bow tie is actually an invention of war.

How’s that for some interesting history?

The fascinating part of men’s clothing is that it is filled with all these intriguing stories like this. It wasn’t fashion companies inventing ideas, it was out of function, purpose, and need. 

When I think of man. I think of movement. We are on the move. We need that in our life. Adventure and action. Testing and exploration. So much of our clothing is made for this life. And even the bow tie and necktie was about man’s need for function when he was on the move.

We should be proud of that, and honor that history in our selection.

The more you look back, what you find is that most clothing for men started that way. Function before this modern era of fashion took over. Men needed a collar, a pocket, a rivet, a fabric because of the function of the item.

As you look at the evolution of clothes, I think its worth to ask, does it honor its history? Would the modern inventors be proud of your style today?

When I look at modern day paisley pink polka dotted fashion ties, it might be good to ask… does this honor my history? Maybe it makes your momma proud, but what about those mercenaries?

My advice? Wear clothing with a sense of pride and honor that history. Maybe you can make a little of your own for the next generation.

And when you see the guy who might look a little too pretty and dandy in all that paisley pink wonderland of modern fashion…

Ask if he knows the history of that necktie or bow tie.

He might look a little confused.

Just leave him a little thought… 

“You should look that up.”