America is the land of dreams and opportunity.
So as we celebrate America on the 4th of July, I want to share a unique opportunity that embraces that spirit, and one person we can help as they seek it.

It all started when I met Jay a year ago. He had just left the Home Depot near our house in Charlotte, NC after applying for a job there, when he approached me at a Starbucks near by. I was staring deep into a spreadsheet on my laptop when he came up and asked so politely, if I knew where the bus stop was around this area so he could get home.

I paused, and wasn’t sure. But his posture, his eyes that were beaming with a hope, stopped me. Who was this guy? What was his story? And so the conversation continued.

He had just moved to Charlotte with his family a few days ago, two kids, wife, and sister – they were originally from the Ivory Coast in Africa. He was without a vehicle and had no job yet, but his family to take care of that was on his mind. He had taken a taxi to see if there was a job opening at this location.

The more we talked, the more intrigued I became, and I told him to jump in my car and we were off to get him home. The more I learned, and sat with his family, the more I felt compelled to come alongside them.

The Family

Over the weeks to follow, we learned more about their precious family and their move from the Ivory Coast. Some of his family members had escaped persecution and his son seeing some atrocities at a young age.  

I have a friend in Charlotte, Dustin, who runs a holistic outreach organization that works with refugees called Project 658. He joined forces and helped him find an opportunity closer to their community center, and just last week he helped him find a job in landscaping.

He just got his official work papers, and a drivers permit, and a new job as a landscaper as of last week. I could not be more proud to see him grow and God’s provision for his life.

But one area of need remains is a vehicle.

So we thought, let’s make this 4th of July about something special. Let's highlight our nation's flag that is about freedom and opportunity for a family in need and who is seeking it.

Well… would you consider purchasing one of our Stars and Stripes neckties and bow ties?

Here is what we promise…

We will donate all the sales to Project 658 and with their help, get Jay a used and dependable vehicle he can drive to work so he can continue to support his family and live the American dream.

Our goal is to sell 60 ties and bowties to get them a vehicle.

If you can’t do it, we are still committed to helping him out, and so we also say, thanks to our great customers and being part of our brand.

Happy 4th!
From Xan and the Buffalo Team.



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