It’s that time of year again: graduation season, and that means finding the perfect gift for your graduate. Whether your young adult is completing high school, college, or graduate school, they all deserve to have their accomplishments celebrated.


However, every graduate is unique. Some are stylish, some are techy, and some are just plain rugged. Therefore, to help you out we’ve come up with five gift ideas your grad will love - and actually use. 


Forget about boring. Be bold and get them a gift they'll treasure for years to come.


Camden Braided Leather Crossbody Bag

1. Spruce up their style

There’s no faster way to your grad’s heart, then with a stylish gift they can use and wear. Sure, a stylish gift won’t pay their bills or take them on a trip, but it may help them land their first job. How: by impressing their future employer with their professional attire. Nothing quite makes a statement like a sophisticated dress shirt or a high-end leather bag. Or if you prefer, you can always give them a gift card to your favorite store.


Denver Leather Travel Duffle Bag

2. Get them geared up

If there’s one thing grads always want, it’s new gear. From rock climbing to rafting, young adults are always looking for ways to explore. The same applies to gear. Young grads are always looking for new gear to test out. Therefore, if you want to go above and beyond this year get your grad a piece of gear you know they’ll use and love. Maybe it’s a new pair of boots or an insulated jacket, either way, they will be grateful for the opportunity to try something new.


Camden Braided Leather Backpack

3. Set them up for success

For recent grads, making the leap from full-time student to full-time employee is difficult. Not only does it require one to upgrade their resume and dress code, but also their work devices. That being said, if you want to help make the transition easier consider getting them a professional work bag or laptop case. That way, they aren’t carrying their beat-up backpack from high school or college. It’s the little details that matter.


Harbor Chambray Shirt - Outer Banks Tan

4. Encourage them to travel

Want to get your grad something really special? Consider gifting them a post-grad trip. In our present culture, it's common for young adults to take a few months after graduation to explore. Not only does it give them a nice break, but it also introduces them to new countries and cultures. However, no trip is complete without the appropriate gear. Consider getting them a durable duffle bag or backpack to bring along for the journey.


Camden Braided Leather Wallet

5. Teach them about money

When it comes to post-grad life, learning to manage money is very important. If a young adult doesn’t learn how to manage their money early on, they will quickly find themselves deep in debt. Therefore, do your grad, and yourself, a favor and teach them about finances. Show them how to create a budget, file taxes, start a 401k, etc. Not only will this help them pay off their debts, it will help them save for their future. Want to sweeten the deal? Throw in a new leather wallet.