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Can You Honor The Past With A Husqvarna?

On occasion, we men mistake “honoring the past” with “living in the past.” It’s easy to do, I fall into that trap quite often. But those two statement...

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“Cory you are such a jerk, in fact, I have written down in my journal how many times you’ve been a jerk."


We were a couple weeks into the summer and t...

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I See You

I wrote a blog post around Mother’s Day where I encouraged us to, if nothing else, simply tell our moms “Thank you” because they brought us into this ...

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Honor Your Father

Dad, you seemed kind of angry at me when you told me to get in the car,” said Brandt, my 5-year-old son. We were driving now on our second trip for th...

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History of the Bow Tie

We can trace the history of the bow tie back to 17th century Croatia. During the Prussian wars, Croatian mercenaries used scarves tied around their ne...

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How Do We Really Change

This is a question we think a lot about because we really do have a conviction to offer significant, long-term change to the men we work with. Plus, w...

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Cairns Towards Home

In Montana’s Glacier region last October, I hiked through old growth (Hemlocks, Larches, Ponderosa Pines). I followed the sound of swift water, like a...

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Mother's Day

Maybe your calendar is old school, hanging on a wall. Maybe yours resides on your smart-phone. Wherever or whatever yours is, mark it, because Sunday,...

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The History of Flannel

Warm. Comfortable. Durable. Everyone loves flannel. But, not everyone knows its rich history. The flannel shirt stands alone as the most universally r...

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Attempt Them

“Because I am afraid of things, of being hurt, and death, I have to attempt them.”

~ T.H. White, England Have My Bones


Later this month I will celebrat...

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Take Another Swing

Mention the word “poetry” and most men squirm or roll their eyes or a combination of both. That’s fair. Most of us had an early encounter with poetry ...

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Meet A Traveler Q&A

Chris Amato is an outdoor enthusiast and traveler with a passion for marketing. He is a self-taught photographer and videographer based out of North G...

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