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Bison Leather Field Notes Travel Wallet - Tumbled Mahogany

We went straightforward in naming this travel wallet, leading with the word “bison.” Sure, that tells you what its made of, its bullheadedness. But I gotta be honest. When I first saw that word, my eyes saw the phrase “bye-son,” and the image of a father waving to his son as he sets off for adventures his father has only dreamed of. Because really, that’s what any good father wants, for his son to go farther than he has, to see more, to be more. But also hopefully to swing back by the house once in a while and give a full report.

Our bison wallet is created to make stepping into those adventures easy. Open it up and the left side has an envelope pocket for your passport – trust us, it's a perfect fit. The right side of this bison wallet has slots for your plastic and cash, plus one of our Field Guide notebooks should you choose. We try to make that first step easy. But after that? I gotta be honest - I hope your adventures are full of rough roads, painful sunburns, sudden thunderstorms, emergency landings…you know, the stuff of stories the old man thrills to hear.

Features of the Bison Leather Field Notes Travel Wallet:
- 5 Credit Card Slots
- 3 Sleeves for Field Notes, Passport, or Extra Cash & Cards
- Dedicated Passport Sleeve
- Authentic Bison Leather
- Full Grain Leather
- Comes with Field Guide Booklet 3-Pack

- 6" H x 4.25" W (Closed)
- 6" H x 8.5" W (Open)

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