Our Creed - Values



We seek to honor and inspire men through our products and styles. We have been saddened by the fashion culture and it's attack on traditional clothing and values. Our clothes will never make the New York runways, just classic American designs for men. We aren’t creating social experiments in gender. Our test is simple… “Would our grandfather be proud to wear it?” Our mission is time tested and virtuous male products that can honor men and our past.


We seek to live out the character of the clothes we promote. There was a time when men lived out noble deeds. The style of clothes followed the character of the men wearing them. They didn’t create their own personal visions of life, they were rooted in a morality embedded in love of God and Country that guided them. We love both and seek to inspire the next generation to discover those truths.


We stand on the shoulders of the men of our past. Masculinity bestows masculinity. And despite a generation that has rejected authority and the rugged male spirit to find inside of them, we become men through other men leading and guiding us. From early morning hunts, learning how to properly address and treat women, and even those hard and long summer hours on the job, it is the older generations that leads us and guides us. Our inspiration comes from these men in our past, and the belief for that bestowing to continue from one generation to the next, we need to seek the guidance of those men.


It’s time the rugged gentleman staged a comeback.

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