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  • Dakota Bison - Walnut & Canvas - Side View

    Dakota Bison Ankle Boot - Walnut & Canvas

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  • Colorado Bison Chukka Boot Side View

    Colorado Bison Chukka Boot

  • Ruidoso Bison Western Boot - Side View

    Ruidoso Bison Western boot


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Mens Chukka Boots and Leather Dress Shoes - Designed for a Rugged Gentleman

Our leather boots, dress shoes, and casual styles come in a few varieties. You might call it business casual, dress casual, or designer styles, at least those are the proper terms. They are made with the best quality leather in bison and cow. Regardless of the name, they are expressions of who you are for your shoes. There are a lot of brand names out there, but we believe it’s the quality of leather that makes the shoe, and not just the brand. We sell some great looking cow leather and bison leather casual dress in medium, wide, and narrow widths. Some are hand stitched and all of them are hand made. Our mens chukka boots are classic with rugged elements to bring a perfect blend of class and style.

Mens Footwear

Classic shoes for men. Shoes speak about the man. And while the styles of men have evolved over the decades, leather footwear should always speak to the man wearing them. Classic, authentic, gentleman, casual, rugged, masculine, stylish... all traits to be considered. Mens footwear is about comfort and class. We honor our heritage and design our line that speak to that authentic gentleman.

Shoes in Wide, Medium, and Narrow Sizes - Mens Wide Dress Shoes

Our shoes have sizing for most men. We start off around size 8 in most shoes and go all the way from 8, 8.5 9, 9.5 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 12, 12.5 13, 14 in shoes sizes from narrow, wide, and medium for most of our shoes. Which are some of my favorites? Well, I love a shoe that can survive a morning in the office with a pair of khakis to jeans in the evening over a game of cards with friends. From a day indoors to an impromptu walk down a trail with my wife. You might change the pants, but not the shoes. The boat shoes, chukka boots, horse bit loafers, all speak to me and can be worn just about anywhere.

Best Quality Leather Dress Shoes for Men

Our top grain leather speaks to our conviction of design and toughness. Classic shoes for men and developed to hold their own in the shoe industry. Handmade and handstitched designs that can't be found in far removed factories with lack of quality control. These designs are hand sewn by people with quality and conviction for detail and our standards. 

Men’s Bison Shoes in Casual and Dress

Our new collection of Bison leather includes designs for bison penny loafers, bison chukka boot, bison bit drives, and bison oxford shoes. Our 100% full hide buffalo leather shoes for men, or also known as bison, are durable, rugged, classic, and will last. When you think of leather, shoes are only as tough as the animal that once wore it. So how does bison and buffalo leather hold up? Bison are known to endure tough conditions. Ever seen a bison standing in 4 feet of snow in freezing temperatures in a harsh Yellowstone winter? Imagine if that hide can endure the cold plains of Western Montana and Wyoming, do you think they can outlast you? It has everything to do with their hide. Tough natural fibers, but not rigid. You see,here is the best part, their leather stretches. It will form around your feet. Bison leather is some of the softest and supple leather that will on its own form to your feet. What happens when you take the shoes off? It goes back to its original shape.

Dress and Chukka Boots Made from Cow Leather and Bison Leather -

Some of our best selling rugged styles of shoes are ourhybrid boots also called chukka or desert boots. They have a classic and timeless style that goes great with a pair of jeans or khakis, but have that old Boy Scouts Motto still ready to jump into anything.

Some of the details:

  • Handsewn patterns, in 100% Cow Leather, Suede, and Bison / Buffalo leathers

  • Our shoes actually fit. Narrow, Wide, or Medium, our sizing is right and you don’t have to make a guess

  • Our patterns are timeless, we won’t put you in a shoe that goes in and out of style every six months. If your grandparents wore it, then it is probably in our collection. We might add

  • some new leather colors or patterns, but we stick with the classic men’s casual shoes of penny loafers, chukka’s, oxford, bit drivers, and classic loafers.

Shoes Men Dress - Brown Mens Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes with a Rugged Leather Texture. Classic enough for business, rugged enough for the bar. Shoes for Men that Dress Well. And for the Rowdy. We like the kind of men that embody both. While we carry classic leather shoes, our brown mens dress shoes are the top seller and our kind of color. And we might say in shoes, the most important is comfortable dress shoes. They break in.

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