Bozeman Leather Belt - Brown Bison


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Classic but with rowdy character. I've always thought the two were the most difficult to achieve.

Classic and well respected in the community, but not as polished as the nice folks with the 2.5 kids, and that perfectly manicured yard.

Rowdy, but not those manufactured displays of bravado that just scream, "trying to prove oneself."

Strength under control. I think that's the key. There are those men who embody and understand this. And so goes this understanding with our Bozeman 100% Bison Belt.

Made with authentic bison and dressed in classic manners to not offend the gathered crowd. Yet, rowdy enough in its subtle way to be worn with dress pants, khakis, or whatever you might give them. They hold you up, you hold them to their worth. It's a good blend of the two for men who understand this.

- 1.25 inch Classic Dress Style Belt
- 100% Rich Textured Bison Leather in Black Bison
- Marine Grade Nylon Stitching in Contrast Color

Available in Sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Bozeman Leather Belt - Brown Bison

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