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Come and Take It - Battle Flag Pocket T-Shirt No. 3 - Teton Blue



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Texas. You don't mess with them. And there is a reason. What is their symbol? Well, the history of Texas and war includes a cannon. A bronze cannon was given to a small colony from Mexico back in 1831 as a gift from their friends down South. Well, when things turned... " South" with those Mexican friends, the orders were given to the Mexico Army to go get it back. How do you think that turned out?

Well, this flag was their response. Oh, those tough Texans.

The lesson? Well, always flatter a Texas by giving him guns, firepower, or something to match his strength and ego. But don't take make the mistake of asking for it back. If you have big guns or a big ego, this shirt is for you. Just be ready to defend yourself. And if you can't do that, well, just move to Texas. They can handle that.

- 100% Super Soft Washed Cotton
- Short Sleeve Washed Wash Blue Pocket T-Shirt
- Front Pocket with Buffalo Jackson Logo
- Come and Take It Vintage Flag on Back
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Product Code: PT-007-BFCT