college rep program

 “We live in an age of great events and little men.”

-   Winston Churchill


If it was true in Churchill’s time, it is even truer today. As a company, we are looking for men of character to join our rep program.  Men who are shapers and influencers. Scholars, leaders, athletes, and gentlemen.

We aren’t looking for salesmen to “sell” product, we are seeking men who embody the essence of who we are and can live out the brand amongst their friends. We see those as men who embody traditional values, believe in hard work, character, and have a sense of distinct style.

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. is part of a growing movement to take back clothes to a traditional and classic style with outdoor influences. We are looking for innovators, risk takers, and influential leaders who are ready to be a part of our company. While we are an apparel and leather goods company, we are looking for men who understand the loss of masculinity in our culture and want to help promote a new trend towards re-claiming the history and heritage of the men who have gone before us in character and in clothing.

We believe the success of the company and the spread of this movement will come through those who bear its image and symbol.

When hiring recent grads, employers are searching for candidates who will bring tangible, hands-on experience to their organizations. At Buffalo Jackson, you will have the chance to gain invaluable business exposure through marketing, social media, and business skills. You will be part of building the brand for tomorrow. Such opportunities to acquire the real-world skills of a salesman can be hard to find, so here’s your chance to get out there and create them for yourself.


We are looking for men who:

- Leaders on campus and in organizations

- Thrive in social settings

- Self starters and initiators

- Can organize, set up, and manage events on campus

- Have a passion for the outdoors

- Believe and live out the ideals of Buffalo Jackson



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